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Martin Rütter The puppies are coming!


  Our kennel on TV on RTL 

Season 4 Episodes 4 – 6  (Broadcast: 10.+24.04. & 01.05.2022)


I had actually applied with Rayla, so that (after all other puppies had moved out) RTL could accompany Rayla and me during her first year of life. However, the network had other plans for me and was very interested in capturing me as a breeder while raising our B & C litter.

After a lot of thinking – and a few discussions with my mother, who didn't want to go through all the TV stress again – we finally submitted a new application video. It took about two weeks until we knew whether our application was accepted or not, because not only the network, but also Martin Rütter himself had to give their approval. As soon as the decision was made, we had a good-humoured TV crew of four, including two cameras and lots of equipment, standing in front of our door – who loved our dogs and puppies – ready to shoot.

Overall, it was a great experience (and also very different from 2015 and 2016 with VOX ), but although the team was great, we lacked so much time due to 5 full days of shooting we had within only 3 weeks, that we were completely at the end of our strength and really regretted having taken part in this. I felt like we weren't fully present during the shoot and very stressed out by everything that was happening around us.


Despite everything, we are very happy with the final cut of our report, even though some really nice scenes and things that we said and explained didn't make it in the final verison. But it will be a very nice memory we will not forget – with lots of positive comments from Martin Rütter – that make all the stress we've had to go through worth it! ;)

Das Making-Of

Here are some "behind the scenes" photos and videos.

Below we will also insert the finished TV report.

You'll be able to watch the full report here.
An english subtitle will be available soon as well.

Die Welpen kommen [RTL]

Die Welpen kommen [RTL]

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