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Mini Aussie Buch

Our Dogs in Books!

— Mini Aussie: character, education, health —

On May 5th, 2014 Jenna's breeder, Thorsten Wunsch, from the Fairy Floss' Aussies, published the first book about the Miniature Australian Shepherd. Apart from the fact that it is an informative and beautiful book about the little Aussies, which many lovers of the breed have been waiting for, we are very excited that some pictures of our dogs and puppies have been printed in it too.

If you are interested in a Mini Aussie or already own one, you will certainly like this book:
Mini Aussie: character, education, health | Paperback by Thorsten Wunsch

— Aussiegraphie: Everything except ordinary! —

On November 7th, 2018 a great book about the Mini & Standard Australian Shepherd was published, in which you can also see pictures of our dogs and puppies. Silke Löffler, the author, is a fellow breeder who has created an extremly informative and recommendable book for every Aussie fan.

We highly recommend it to anyone interested in a puppy of this breed - it really is worth the price:
Aussiegraphie: Everything but ordinary | Hardcover book by Silke Löffler

— Puppy Test & Dog Analysis —

Conformation | Fit for Function | easy to understand

This great book by Doris Walder & Eva Holderegger Walser – in collaboration with Pat Hastings – is expected to be published in April 2021 and will have 368 pages. It is a mix of their “puppy analysis” and “fit for breeding and sport” seminars.

I am extremely proud that my dogs, offspring, and of course my pictures, have made it into this book. It will be an absolute purchase recommendation for every breeder and dog-sport-athlete, but it will also be extremely interesting and instructive reading for simple dog owners – so be curious and excited, as I am!

Don't miss out on this book:
Puppy Test and Dog Analysis | Hardcover by Pat Hastings, Doris Walder & Eva Holderegger Walser

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