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Our Dogs

The dogs listed below are part of our breeding program, but not all of them are owned by us. However, we are (or have been) using them for breeding, or bred them and they are now provided as stud dogs by their new owners.

All of our breeding dogs, both those owned by us, and those that do not (or no longer) belong to us, are evaluated for quality assurance of breeding suitability and health only by qualified and officially approved examiners who meet the respective approval and examination regulations of the individual associations and have passed the relevant tests. The associations to which "our" examiners and evaluators belong are:


  • the BpT e.V. (Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians)

    • for the one-time breeding hygienic examination for knee joint problems (patellar luxation, short: PL)

  • GRSK e.V. (Society for X-ray Diagnostics of Genetically Influenced Skeletal Diseases, former Hohenheim District)

    • for a one-time x-ray and evaluation of the hip, elbows, shoulders and transitional vertebrae (short: HD, ED, OCD, LÜW)

  • the DOK e.V. (Dortmund Ophthalmologists Circle)

    • for the annual examination for hereditary eye diseases, as well as the eye examination of the puppies before they move out.

  • the CC e.V. (Collegium Cardiologicum e.V.)

    • for the biannual examination for hereditary heart diseases.


You can see the growth of our dogs (height & weight) in the « Development chart ».



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