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"Lost River" D-litter

Diamond H Ocean


(no titles)


Boldheart Cannon Blue Boy x Diamond H Roses Are Red

42.5 cm, 14 kg, blue merle c/w, docked tail
Eyes: both blue

HD: A1

ED: Grade 0

PL: Grade 0

LSTV: Type 0

Eyes: normal

MDR1, CEA, PRA, HC, DM, NCL, HUU: clear
CDPA + CDDY: clear

M-locus: m/M²⁶⁷

Away To Me Blazin' Red Lunar Eclipse



Autumn Winner VDH 2019

CASD Award of Merit Conformation 2019



Away To Me My Boon Boy x Alta Away To Me Shades Of Passion

39.5 cm, 10 kg, red tri c/w, long tail
Eyes: both amber

HD: A1

ED+PL: Grade 0

OCD: normal
LUW: Type 0

Eyes: normal (2 distichs)
Cardiac ultrasound: normal

MDR1, CEA, HC, DM, NCL, HUU, CDPA: clear
PRA + CDDY: carrier

M-locus: m/m

Our D-litter was born on April 26, 2023 between 20:04 and 23:05 o'clock.
We have 8 puppies with long tails and birth weights of 157 – 275 grams.

2 males in black tri c/w
 6 females, 2 blue merle c/w, 3 red tri c/w, 1 red merle c/w

Malia was happy as always during her last pregnancy and had an uncomplicated birth. She gave us a colorful litter with wonderful and lively puppies. I also love that she had her 1st litter in April 2018 between 20:06 and 22:37 o'clock and there were also 2 males and 6 females!

We are very happy about the puppies and are extremely grateful to Anu, Annika & Leena for making the mating with Ousse possible for us ♡
Now we are eagerly awaiting the further development of the little ones and hope to be able to keep one of the red tri bitches for breeding, so there may be another name exchange among them.

“ Lost River Darker Than Amber “

♀ Amber
lives with Jenny & Jan in Rödermark

Name: Amber

Meaning: amber

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: red tri c/w

at: 20:04:05
Tail: long

with: 215 g
Eyes: amber/blue

♀ Davina

lives with Matea & Philipp near Aschaffenburg

Name: Davina

Meaning: beloved

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: red tri c/w

at: 20:14:10
Tail: long

with: 186 g
Eyes: both amber

♀ Amaya
lives with Luisa & Peter in Ehringshausen near Wetzlar

Name: Amaya

Meaning: Night rain; gentle

Born on: 26.04.2023
color: blue merle c/w

at: 20:30:08
Tail: long

with: 157 g
Eyes: both blue

♀ Ty Lee
staying with us

Name: Ty Lee

Meaning: calm, beautyful; sun

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: red tri c/w

at: 21:30:47
Tail: long

with: 212 g
Eyes: both blue

♀ Livy
lives with Leonie & Alex in Frankfurt am Main

Name: Livy

Meaning: peaceful; blue-gray

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: blue merle c/w   

at: 21:45:16
Tail: long

with: 192 g
Eyes: both blue

♂ Jones
lives with Tori & Julian and "Cailìn" in Montabaur

Name: Jones

Meaning: the peaceful one

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: black tri c/w

at: 22:05:49
Tail: long

with: 195 g
Eyes: both blue

♂ Damon
moves to Katharina & Julian in Hanau

Name: Damon

Means:  the divine; gentle

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: black tri c/w

at: 22:28:53   
Tail: long

with: 275 g
Eyes: both blue

♀ Skye
lives with Sarah and Mini Ami "Meta" near Freiburg

Name: Skye

Meaning: island of clouds

Born on: 26.04.2023
Color: red merle c/w

at: 23:05:52
Tail: long

with: 200 g
Eyes: both blue

“ Lost River Delightful Little Witch “

“ Lost River Drunken Sailor Davy Jones “