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3L-Brightly Freckled Moon Spirit Yue


German Jr. Ch. CASD + VDH

Herbst-/ und Bundesjugendsieger VDH 2019



Timberline Monster Max @Lamberts x Timberlines Zan's Revenue

43.5 cm, 12 kg, red merle c/w, long tail
Eyes: r. amber, l. marbled

HD: A2

ED+PL: Grade 0

OCD: normal
LSTV: Type 0

CAER: normal
Cardiac: normal
Full Panel N/N (clear)

Cedar Valley's Ukiah at Trails End


IABCA Champion



IMG_7000 Ukiah.jpg

Teacup Treasures Made In America x Cedar Valleys Keepin It Magical

39 cm, 9 kg, black tri c/w, docked tail
Eyes: both brown

HD: A2

ED: Grade 0
PL: Grade 0

CAER: normal

Cardiac: normal
DM carrier
Remaining Panel N/N (clear)

Our B-litter was born on June 29th, 2021 between 3:50 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. with birth weights of 248 g – 374 g.
We have 2 males , 1 black tri c/w, 1 blue merle c/w and 2 females in blue and red merle c/w.

Yue mastered her first birth with absolute confidence and was super calm – she's just amazing in every way!
All puppies are alive and kicking and Yue is doing very well in her new role as mother. We are very happy that everything went so well and that she has a beautiful blue merle female for me to keep. Yue's second daughter also is her clone! We are very curious how the four will develop :)

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♂ Bennett
Claimed – He's gonna live with the Baumgartner's in Nauheim near Rüsselsheim.

Name:  Bennett

Meaning:  Little Blessed One

born on: 29.06.2021   
Color: black tri c/w   

at: 03:50:00 AM
Tail: long           

with: 374 g
Eyes: both brown

♀ Rayla
staying here

Name:  Rayla

Meaning:  Ray of Moonlight

born on: 29.06.2021   
Color: blue merle c/w   

at: 04:19:06 AM
Tail: long           

with: 248 g
Eyes: braun/blau

♂ Bellamy
Claimed – Bellamy is going to live with the Neuberger's in Wiesbaden.

Name:  Bellamy

Meaning:  Handsome Friend

born on: 29.06.2021   
Color: blue merle c/w   

at: 04:43:30 AM
Tail: long           

with: 305 g
Eyes: marbled/brown

♀ Nia
Claimed – Nia is going to live with the Sauder's in Grünstadt near Worms.

Name:  Nia

Meaning:  bright, beautiful, luck

born on: 29.06.2021   
Color: red merle c/w   

at: 06:00:40 AM
Tail: long           

with: 302 g
Eyes: both amber

"Lost River Bright 'N Beautiful Nia"

"Lost River Bellamy Kom Spacekru"

"Lost River Beam Of Moonlight"

"Lost River Born For Greatness"